Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things I Did Today

1. Four loads of laundry (including onerous bed sheets)

2. Went grocery shopping

3. Took John to Hartford to meet Peter's co-workers and go out to lunch. It was fun and I'm glad he can now have a clear picture in his mind of where it is that Daddy goes off to each day.

4. Cleaned out and organized all of John's clothes and shoes. The boy is growing!

5. Got everything ready for John's first day of preschool tomorrow (!!!)

6. Took a much-needed nap out on the patio in the sunny warmth of the afternoon while holding John, who was also asleep. It was sweet and reminded me of his cuddly baby days.

6. Watched The O'Reilly Factor and the Republican National Convention coverage to get my political fix.

7. Ate a Rocky Road ice cream sundae. Yum!

8. Wrote this little blog post, my contribution to the world tonight.

So last night's insomnia didn't completely kick my butt today. I was still able to get some things done. Go me! But I am so ready to crash now. Goodnight!