Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Bostonian Labor Day Weekend

We had a very nice Labor Day weekend doing a number of fun things in and around Boston. The weather was wonderful, and it was a nice way to say farewell to summer. (Sad!)

On Saturday we drove up to Massachusetts and left John in the care of my sister Elizabeth and her boyfriend Justin, so that Peter, my mother, and I could go to the Boston Temple. It was so nice to go to the temple again. I hadn't been since around February. I felt motivated to set a goal to go at least four times a year. I love being back there, especially at Boston because it's where I first went through the temple and it's where Peter and I got married on a windy, damp June morning six years ago.

That evening Peter and I went to a Red Sox-White Sox game at Fenway. It was awesome! The Red Sox (a.k.a. The Right Sox--ha ha, I just made that up) won, 8-2. The weather was perfect and our seats were on the right-field side with a good view of the pitcher's bullpens. I got to see and chat with some old friends. I also got to check out the players up close with a set of Vivitar binoculars that we got for Christmas a few years ago. This was the perfect occasion and the perfect subjects to break them in on. After the game we set a new record for driving back to my hometown of Hopkinton from Boston--we left the city at 10 p.m. and got home by 10:30 p.m. Maybe it's the new car!

This, without a doubt, is the best ballpark in the country. Red Sox games and fans are soooo much fun! There's nothing like singing"Sweet Caroline" with thousands of other people in the 8th inning while the Sox are winning.

This is my friend Kevin who hooked us up with the tickets for the game. We were in the same church ward growing up. His father (on the right) has been my family's home teacher ever since we moved to Mass. in 1993.
This one's for you, Mom!

On Sunday morning we went to my beloved old Marlborough Ward, where I was sent into big-time Nostalgiaville because: 1) it's my home ward and a place I love going back to visit, and 2) there were many other people from the past visiting that day too. Another reason for the nostalgia was that Sunday School class was held in the Young Women's room, a place in which during during my teen years I spent countless hours for church lessons, Mutual activities, and home-study seminary classes. I used to daydream about my future husband, whoever he was, in that room, so it was special to be sitting in there again, this time with the man himself, my husband.

Most of the rest of Sunday was spent just north of Boston at a big fancy Italian Catholic wedding and reception. Peter's longtime friend from Rhode Island, John Valentine, got married to a vivacious, fun Italian woman named Carmelina. It was a lot of fun! Italians really seem to know how to celebrate, with tons of good food and lots of dancing and music.

(The picture quality on most of these photos is not that great. I used a different setting on my new little digital camera for low-light and am unsatisfied with the un-crisp results!)

This groomsman is Peter's cousin, Mike.

I love the ringbearer and flower girl! They're always so cute.

Here comes the bride!

I'm always interested in the back of a wedding gown, too. What a gorgeous train!

The Church was majestic and beautiful. The Catholic Communion was performed as part of the wedding ceremony, which was really interesting to see.

Mr. and Mrs. Valentine!

At the reception, John and Carmelina's first dance.

The best man over on the right is another one of Peter's cousins, Charlie.

John and his mom.

Peter and I with Paul and Jean (Peter's brother and his wife)

On Monday morning we continued our little family tradition of going out to breakfast on Labor Day, this time accompanied by my father. We went to Sunnyside Cafe in Ashland (one town over from Hopkinton), where we ran into three of my cousins, two of whom I hadn't seen in a very long time. That made it an especially nice breakfast! That, and the sensationally good french toast and bacon I had for my meal that I still can't stop thinking about.

Back home in Connecticut later that day, we drove 15 minutes north to Southwick, Mass. (that state again! Couldn't stay away this weekend!) for dinner at The Summer House. Among other things, they have the best hamburgers, and some fun things for kids to play on outside. John had a blast running around and playing. It was a nice way to end the last real weekend of summer.

John loves trees and is either giving this one a smooch or evaluating it for ease of climbing. Good luck with that, John!