Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Cayman Islands: Day 6

Thursday, May 1st, was one of the best days of the trip. We went shopping at George Town (the capital), we went for an awesome hour-long submarine ride, we ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, and Peter and I had one of the most beautiful and romantic dinners imaginable.

Waiting for the submarine ride.

There were two cruise ships there that day. Sometimes there are as many as twelve(!!) ships in a day, so we were lucky that George Town wasn't totally overrun with people. We're thinking about going on a cruise around the Caribbean next year so that we can get a taste of the various islands and see which ones we might want to come back and stay at sometime.

On the submarine. It was fascinating to be under water and see what life is like there. This was definitely one of our favorite things we did.

We got to see two shipwrecks. This was the first one. It was cool and a little creepy.

The coral reefs were amazing.

I thought this tunnel down below was neat.

We loved being able to see the fish up so close.

George Town was nice. The buildings were colorful and attractive and the main street is right on the water. One of the great things about this island is that it is clean, safe, and family-friendly. I didn't see any pushy street vendors or homeless people or anything like that during our week there.

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was the first time any of us had ever eaten at one. It was nice to have good classic American food again.

Peter and I went out to dinner that evening at Grand Old House, a former plantation house built on the edge of the sea. We got to eat at a very special private table that's right on the beach. Couples often get this table for special occasions like anniversaries, marriage proposals, etc. (We were able to get it because of our credit card rewards program. How's that for romance?!) These were our amazing views as we dined by the seaside. It was magical. One of the best fine dining experiences of my life!