Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Tidbits

-And I thought I was dumb because I'm blonde....There was a strange study I heard about in the news a few days ago. It says that curvaceous woman with hourglass figures tend to be more intelligent. What?? I'm wondering, did they conduct this study in Asia at all, because Asian women generally tend to be petite and they also tend to be very smart. So there's one strike against that study, and I feel better already! Ha ha. I was always long and lean and stick-thin until I had John. The after-effects of pregnancy and childbirth were great because they gave me a more womanly figure, so that I finally had hips and a defined waist instead of being built like a boy. So by the logic of this study, I guess my I.Q. rose a few points when I became a mother. Maybe it will keep going up as I have more kids and become more "curvaceous." Yes!! Maybe there's hope for me after all!

-We went to Cold Stone Creamery on Saturday night and I couldn't wait to get my favorite flavor, Rocky Road Trip. My craving went unmet when the guy behind the counter said that they no longer served it (at all, ever again) because they had become kosher. I have never heard of that happening. I was so disappointed. I hope it was just that franchise and not the whole chain. I don't want to live without Rocky Road Trip. I have never had better Rocky Road than at Cold Stone. The way they make it is so good!

-The Land of Nod sells nice solar system bedding and things for boys rooms now. I've been looking and looking, and finally found something good. I think they just came out with this. They even address the Pluto issue if you read the product description (which, by the way, I disagree with...I don't think Pluto should have been demoted. It is too a planet!). For some reason John loves the planets and space. He had all the planets memorized in order before he turned 2. And his knowledge has only grown from there. So when I re-do his room soon, I'll probably get some of this stuff.

-For Red Sox fans, check out these insider pics of the team celebrating at a bar at Fenway a few days after their World Series win. Muchas gracias to my sister Jennifer for sending me these.

-We joined Netflix recently and we love it. It's so easy, and it's cheap too. It's never been so convenient to get the newest movies as well as all of the older ones that I never got a chance to see. I highly recommend Netflix!


Alyson said...

I was always thin too, but I always had major hips! I could not get away from that with my Martindale/Crane genes!! I don't believe I'm any the wiser though. I wonder what their explanation is for curvier women being more intelligent. Did you ever hear their conclusion?

Which Cold Stone did you go to? Was it in Simsbury? How is rocky road not kosher? I'm not too well-read on what's kosher or not. You can definitely tell we're on the east coast (or the right coast, as I like to say) when our ice cream establishments are worried about what's kosher!

We do Blockbuster online and I love it too. I love that you have access to all the old stuff that's not always in the stores.

That's funny that John knows all the planets! I'm sure Adam doesn't even know what a planet is! Although he can name all the characters on Yo Gabba Gabba! haha

Donna said...

Their explanation is that omega-3 fatty acids are found in the hips and thighs, and those are good for brain development, particularly for a developing baby when a woman is pregnant. From this they concluded that women with this body type as well as their children are more intelligent. They tested 16,000 women and thier kids to "prove" it. I personally believe this study was conducted by a bunch of men. And honestly, what about Asian women? This doesn't really fit for them. So the study may have some merit but I'm not buying it!

We went to the Cold Stone in Simsbury over by the movie theater. I believe it's the almonds that make Rocky Road un-kosher. To be truly kosher you can't have any of that stuff around, I think. :(

Alyson said...

I don't think the study is saying that the women have to be big, just have a curvy shape. So even though Asian women are smaller, maybe they have the right curves and the right kind of fat in those places. I don't know.

Donna said...

You're right, that is what the study says--being curvy is good, being big or overweight, not so much. I guess stomach fat has omega-6 fatty acids, which aren't nearly as good as the omega-3s that are supposedly found in the hips.

Alyson said...

That's funny because don't men generally carry more stomach fat and women generally carry their fat around their hips and thighs? So, does that mean women are smarter than men? :)

Donna said...

Sounds like a logical and accurate conclusion to me!