Tuesday, November 13, 2007

8 Generally Unknown Things About Me

1. I was called a different name when I was younger. It was “Josaleen” (prounounced Joe-zu-leen). It’s my middle name. It would have been my first name but “Josaleen Donna” didn’t sound right to my parents. So I was called “Josaleen” by everyone until 1st grade, when my super-strict teacher wouldn't call me that because it wasn’t my official first name. From that time, I was known as “Donna” in school, but still “Josaleen” at home. As I got older it was embarrassing when my friends came over and I was called by this other name, so I forbade my family from calling me it anymore. It took a few years, but by high school I was Donna to pretty much everyone, though I have relatives who I know still think of me as Josaleen and probably always will! That's okay with me, though. It's kind of a pretty and unique name.

2. I have a perfectly clean driving record. I’ve been driving for over ten years now, and I’ve never been pulled over and never had an accident. I don’t know how this is because I know I speed too much. I still get lectured about it every time my mother is in the car when I’m driving. I can always shoot back that my driving record is perfect. Knock on wood!

3. I have an obscure talent: I’m a good diver. I took swimming lessons growing up, and I was an average swimmer, and I was pretty bad at treading water (I was always one of the first who had to reach out and grab onto the wall), but diving was something I was good at and really liked doing. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about all of the different dives I would try if I had the opportunity or the training. Not that I could have been one of them, but I feel a certain wistfulness when I watch the summer Olympics and see the divers!

4. I'm an ardent recycler. I don't know why, but I must recycle every piece of paper (even small scraps!) and all containers. It bugs me when I see recyclable things in the trash. I'm not a big environmentalist or anything, but reusing things like that just makes so much sense. This is silly, but I'm kind of proud that I usually only have to change my kitchen trash once a week, since so much of what would go in there can be recycled. My next step is to get a composter so that food waste can go into that. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

5. I don't really enjoy talking on the phone. I only do it when I have to. There is something unnerving to me about not being able to see who I’m talking to. It can also be a big time-waster. The only people I call with any regularity are my mother on Sunday nights and Peter at work when John is driving me crazy and/or to whine “When are you coming home?”

6. I have the ability to take good power naps. I can lay down for 10-20 minutes and program into my mind the amount of time I want to nap, and unless I’m really overtired, I will wake up at that time feeling refreshed and awake. This skill was incredibly useful in college. I could do it at the library or bookstore or wherever I was studying. I would just stretch my arm out across the table, lean my head down onto it, and I was out like a light, and then I’d wake up 10-20 minutes later and be ready to work. It’s a very useful skill these days too. In fact, I took a 15-minute power nap this very afternoon. It helps me get everything done that I need to do in a day.

7. I have a sense of humor that some might think is weird, or cruel. I can’t help it, but I think it’s really funny when people trip and fall, unless they’re elderly or it’s a child or the person truly gets hurt. Some of the times I have laughed hardest have been falls Peter has made. He had a fall in the bathroom one time that was just priceless. Ha ha! I also think some juvenile things are really funny, like certain bodily functions. You know what I mean!!

8. I once hit the jackpot at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. And I was underage when I did it too! Okay, so the truth is, I was around 11 years old, I obviously wasn't gambling, my family was in the mall part of the casino, and my brothers and sisters and I were playing around with the pay phones. I hit the coin return on one of the phones to see if any change would come out, and all of these quarters came spilling out. Jackpot!


Peter said...

1)It is a pretty name
2)I plead the 5th
4)It definately is different to have more recycling than trash every week.
5)This used to drive me nuts when we started dating. I thought she never wanted to talk to me!
6)You are so lucky!
7)It is a cruel sense of humor. One comment should be changed "unless they're elderly (except thinking about me at that age), it's a child (except John when he's not hurt), or the person truly gets hurt (except when it's your mother or I)"
8) So young to start down that slippery slope....

Alyson said...

Do you still have that lucky streak? I wish I were lucky and could win things every once in awhile! I never win anything!

I'm with you on that power nap! I love those. So many people don't think 20 minutes is enough, but it makes me feel recharged. I haven't had one in a long time though.

Oh and on the recycling thing. Can you teach me? I'm terrible at that! I want to be good about it.

Alyson said...

One more thing...we always talk about how much we're alike. Here's another test. Do you like competition? Or do you avoid it at all costs unless you are in competition with friends or people you trust?

Mom said...

It was fun readng the facts about you and yes they are all true. I still think of you as Josaleen sometimes and when I look at a younger picture I automatically think Josaleen and not Donna. I hate that you drive so fast and I don't care if you have a clean driving record. SLOW DOWN! You didn't get your sense of humor from me. One other thing I'd say really identifies you is your compulsion for organizing your 'things'. You've always done that and have so many 'things' it drives me nuts. Oh yea, it can drive Peter nuts now!

Donna said...

Mom! I'm a careful and conscientous driver and don't always drive over the speed limit. But I'll try to remember to drive a little slower to appease you. Yes, I've always loved to organize everything I can get my hands on. Peter doesn't seem to mind. I also like to make lists. I think I would make a good professional organizer!

Donna said...

I don't think I have much of a lucky streak. I don't win things that much. The only big thing was at my after-prom party in h.s. when I won $100. Then when it was my turn to draw someone's name out I chose the name of one of my best friends, who won a bike or a TV. That was pretty cool!

I will definitely help you start recycling. It's easy and rewarding!

No, I'm not very competitive. At least I try not to be. I was when I used to do sports but not overly so. It's too confrontational even when it's an unspoken competition, and it only leads to heartache if I lose. I don't even like to get into competitive mode that much with family and friends. Peter usually beats me at most things anyway, and if I care too much then I get mad at him. What about you?

Alyson said...

I'm SOOO not competitive! I hate the kind of feelings that stirs up in people. Anger usually bubbles up when there's competition and I hate that. I will only compete when I'm with people I trust and even then I don't really care if I lose, so I guess I'm never really and truly competitive. So, I guess we're even more alike than I knew!

Ben said...

Hey, nice blog. I was always curious how and why we went from calling you Josaleen to Donna after so many years.

I've read that recycling takes more resources than it does to create new ones, although I haven't found concrete evidence to back that up. The best solution to deforestation is to legalize industrial hemp, which could be used for paper, clothes, and possibly fuel.

I remember when you won money out of the phone in Vegas, although I still don't understand how that's possible. You do seem to find the struggle against gravity overly hilarious, but who doesn't like to watch other people fall?

Donna said...

Hey Ben. I'm glad you left a comment. Your insights are always interesting and on the controversial side, so keep on commenting!
Recycling definitely works, and I'm sure it does so in an efficient way. So you better do it! I have never heard of using hemp in those ways. I think clothes made of hemp would be of poor quality. Besides, hemp is bad, real bad. Didn't you know that? Ha ha.

Andy said...

Hey, I actually knew a couple of these! (Josaleen, and the fact that you have an interesting sense of humor). I'll never forget some of the things you used to laugh at when we were roommates.

Now that I know that you don't like to chat on the phone, I will send you a nice long email tomorrow instead :-) I like talking on the phone, but I can certainly understand when others don't!

Your website is great!

Katie said...

Thats weird... that last comment was from me (Katie) but it looks like my husband Andy was logged into blogger. Ooops! My bad!