Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Are The Champions!

I can say "we" because I am a long-time loyal Red Sox fan. They won the World Series on Sunday night, sweeping the poor Colorado Rockies pretty easily. The "curse" is most definitely over and I think the Red Sox might be the new dynasty in baseball. It sure isn't the Yankees anymore!

To be honest, I wanted Colorado to win at least once. It's sad when a team makes it all the way to the World Series and then doesn't win even one game. Plus, it would have been awesome for the Sox to win the Series at home in Boston. That hasn't happened in many decades. The fans would have gone crazy at Fenway! That would have been so cool to see. So if the Rockies had won at least two games it could have happened. Oh well. I'm not going to complain too much!

A few last things about baseball until the spring when a new season starts. I think the rules in the American League and the National League need to become the same. AL teams are so much better in part because of the differences between the leagues. It would be more fair and make a lot of sense to have the rules be the same on both sides (like the pitcher not having to bat and the designated hitter not having to play in the field). The American League seems to always win the All-Star game and the World Series. I think AL teams must have more money too. The Red Sox and Yankees seem to be the richest teams and so they're able to get the best players. I wonder if there's a way to handle the money more democratically? Perhaps Peter or one of my brothers has some ideas on that.

And last but not least, my favorite Red Sox players this season were Josh Beckett for his amazing pitching ability, Mike Lowell for his reliability and skill at bat and at 3rd base, Jonathan Papelbon because he's so darn cute and does some great Irish dancing wearing just a pair of little black shorts or a kilt, and Manny Ramirez because he's very amusing. I love all of the Red Sox members (yes, even Gagne)--they did a great job all season and they deserved to be the World Series champs! Can't wait for next season!