Thursday, March 7, 2024

Antiques and Owls and Nancy Drews, Oh My!

 Last month I discovered a huge new (to me) antique store housed in a big old factory with separate businesses and shops inside of it. It was on the more upscale side, and I liked it a lot!

Before I went I snapped a picture of my collection of vintage Nancy Drews so that I could reference it in case I came across any potential acquisitions to add to my collection (which I did, so this picture came in handy!).

The first shop wasn't an antique shop but it had quirky fun things in it, like these soap bouquets. If I still had my jacuzzi tub, I would have gotten one. (I miss my tub so much! 😭)
These flowers are entirely made of soap!

I almost got this owl tissue box because I liked its clever design and, of course, I like owls, but I exercised restraint and held off.

A few fun things I spotted throughout the antique shops...

Nancy Drews, FOUND. 😁 Some of them were almost $100 each! I bought two that I didn't have that were in the $30 range.

I like a pretty tablescape. 😍

This shop was full of pretty things.

Can you tell that Valentine's Day was on the horizon? 

A true antique that was still part of the building!

Giraffes make me think of Sharalyn's mom because she liked them (kind of how I am with owls, but maybe to a lesser extent πŸ˜‰), so I snapped this picture and sent it to her.

These were the things I got. The two new Nancy Drews were great additions to my collection.

I loved these books when I was young. Nancy Drew will always be one of my favorite characters.

This little trio of owls was so cute. Whenever there's a trio it makes me think of me, John, and Sam. This one was perfect because of what looks like a mother owl (that would be me), a young adult owl starting to stretch its wings (John), and a youngish owl still at home (Sam). It's my family.

And this was a cute little owl on a book, two of my favorite things!

I added the two new books to my collection and there's no longer room for all of them on the shelf. They're in numerical order.

And here's this cute little guy in his new spot.

A couple of weeks later my friend Shelly texted me a few pictures of cute owl things that were in a shop she was in up in New Hampshire. I asked her to get me this set of snowy owl bookends (I paid her back). I collect bookends, especially when they're owls, and I didn't have a set of snowy owls yet. When she dropped them off she'd also gotten me this cute owl bookmark as a nice little surprise. My friends know me well, and I love them for it! πŸ˜„

Alright, so in February I had a bit of a lapse when it came to buying owl-related things, but I got it out of my system and my self-discipline has once again returned. I don't regret my purchases--one of the good things about budgeting and having to be a lot more careful with my money is that I'm now very deliberate about what I do choose to get, so my purchases tend to mean more to me than they did in the past. Long story short, no buyer's remorse here! 😊