Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Valentine's Day 2024

 Valentine's 2024: my first single Valentine's Day since I was 19 (23 years ago), so that was something different. Ideally, that would have happened two years ago, but unfortunately, my divorce took forever and a day. After the trying ordeals of the heart that I endured with that, I've been enjoying this new chapter of life on my own. I treated myself to a few things, and Sam got to be my special valentine. 😊

This was a cute pick-up line I saw somewhere. With its clever pun, this would work on me! 
Plus, I sometimes work in my town library!  

I have this thing about wearing holiday colors. The whole ten days or so around Valentine's Day I wore red, pink, or purple. And this week for St. Patrick's Day, I'm wearing something green each day. I've done this for a long time. Sometimes it's the little things that make life more fun! 

In Relief Society we did a group picture making hand hearts.

My mom and some of my good friends are all in this picture (and me too). Galentines indeed!

I bought a dozen pale pink roses because they're my favorite and I hadn't bought myself flowers in awhile.

I got this festive little chocolate mousse cake at Whole Foods. Chocolate mousse cake is one of my favorite desserts of all time. It was delicious!

And I bought myself some sweets from Harbor Sweets
Those "Grand Prix Jumpers" are dark chocolate caramel and they're. so. good. It's a good thing for my health that only six of them come in a box.

I got Sam a chocolate Hershey heart.

I went out to lunch with Sharalyn and got one of my favorite meals at the place we went to, avocado toast with smoked salmon. πŸ˜‹

This was a nice little gift from Sharalyn. She's the ultimate Galentine. 😊

And for the second special meal of the day, Sam and I enjoyed our feast of a dinner at Olive Garden. I hadn't eaten there in a couple of years. It was good to be back. 😁

My entree

Get off your phone, kid!

Soup and salad and breadsticks, oh my! πŸ˜„

Sam made me into a two-headed hydra.

I'm a one-headed hydra here (ha ha). Aren't I cute in my cute sweater? So cute. πŸ˜†

Here was Sam's dessert. I was too full for dessert, which was kind of sad because I love Olive Garden's black tie mousse cake. Maybe next time I'll get less food and leave room for dessert.


Sadly, the roses didn't bloom well. I should have removed all of the outer petals when I got them. 

I spread the petals on this one and made it bloom!

It was a nice Valentine's Day. Maybe my next one will have more romance in it with a special someone, but even if not, I have people in my life who I love and who love me, and when you have that, every day can be Valentine's Day. (Apologies for the heartfelt πŸ˜‰ but cheesy closer!) πŸ’–