Tuesday, February 13, 2024

January Cape Escape

 I've been trying to go to the Cape house for a couple of days each month for the last few months, and I will continue this practice because I like it and it's pretty easy to fit into my life right now. I call it my "Cape Escape." I'm able to check in on the house, work, take walks to the beach, go to Trader Joe's, and really relax. 
The house is no longer a source of stress for me now that the divorce is done (I was afraid I'd lose it or not be able to afford it), and now that I've paid it off. I can enjoy it more fully now because it's mine, all mine! Not the bank's, not the ex's, but mine. 😁 I'll probably end up living there full-time at some point. Until that happens, I'll enjoy my Cape Escapes, whether they be the short off-season ones like the one in this post or the longer summertime ones that have brought true joy to my life for the last 18 years.

The beach in winter has a rugged natural beauty that is so charming.

With footprints...

...and without. 

I discovered the Miley Cyrus song "Flowers" a few months ago and found the lyrics to be so applicable and relatable. Drawing inspiration from that song, I wrote my name in the sand. 

I added this too, because it's true, I do love me! 😊 Not in a narcissistic, self-absorbed way, though. 😉

It was low tide so there were lots of rocks on parts of the beach.

The late afternoon sky was beautiful opposite the sunset. The moon was small but bright, and there were a lot of seagulls flying around. Some people don't like seagulls, but I've never minded them. To me, they're part of the beach experience, and they have every right to be there!

A ribbon of snow...

I saw this festive fire hydrant on my walk back to the house. As far as it was concerned, Christmas wasn't over yet.

I started a puzzle that Sam got in the Yankee gift swap in December. Funnily enough, it was my sister Jennifer who supplied that gift.

It's a 500-piece puzzle (which I prefer over the more overwhelming 1000-piece ones) and was a unique long rectangular shape. It's of Stockbridge's picturesque main street.

For dessert the first night, I had some of this mint chocolate chip ice cream that was left over from when my friends and I were there in December for the Nantucket Christmas Stroll. It was a nice treat that I'd forgotten about, and it saved me a trip to the Cape Cod Creamery to indulge. 

I brought Violet with me for the first time ever. The house is mainly pet-free, but I decided this time that it would be easier and cheaper to bring her along rather than hire a pet-sitter or drop her off at my mom's. She did okay but I think she was a little homesick! My girl is getting old.

These pictures are from my walk to the beach on the second and final evening of this particular Cape Escape. I noticed that there was new landscaping that had been put in by the street entrance to the beach. Very nice!

In only a day's time, a lot of the snow that had been there yesterday had melted away.

It was on-and-off drizzly out. That along with the crisp sea breeze and fresh sea air felt very refreshing!

The snow ribbon remained, although it was skinnier than it was yesterday.

I made more progress on the puzzle but didn't finish it. It's there waiting to torture me when I return this month. The sky and trees are going to be beastly to puzzle out (as usual, pun intended). 😄

It was the day of the New Hampshire Primary. I turned on the coverage of the returns for a little while that evening. They didn't take long to happen and they weren't surprising.  
I was pleased. And not to get political (too late!), but supporting Trump doesn't make me an extremist. Nowhere close. The rhetoric and assumptions about all or even most Trump supporters being extremists are wrongheaded, prejudicial, and partisan. ~Anyway, back to the peaceful things! 😄~

It was a nice couple of days at one of my favorite places. I look forward to returning again soon! 💙