Thursday, February 15, 2024

Around La Casa en January

 Or maybe I should say "casita" since it's a townhouse, not a "house house." 😊

I'm happy to announce that I got a new TV and took down the old one and set up the new one 🙌

It's a great TV and a big improvement over the old one, which didn't always work well and regularly tested my patience and ability not to throw a temper tantrum. This one is a bit smaller (which I like), and it was well-priced on Amazon. It's easy to use and has excellent picture and sound quality. And, importantly for me, it was easy to set up!

Here it is in action! And with good news on the screen too! 😁 
May this screen showcase more good news than bad in the future. (The optimist in me says it will, but the realist says maybe not so much. Time will tell.) 

The biggest Frosted "Mini" Wheat I've ever seen! 😮

Let there be selfies...

Just ignore the small cut that I sustained on the end of my nose...

I got a set of cute velvet bow barrettes from Anthropologie and was playing around with them. Bows are in right now, but they've always been in with me. They're classic!

These are a few of my favorite things: books and owls.  

I had four of my friends over one evening to hang out. I was proud of myself for doing this--I'm not naturally talented at hosting things at my house when food is involved. I took these pictures before they got there.

My little lady naps a lot. She's an old lady now and I don't blame her.

Two more of my favorite things...reading and soft cozy blankets. They go well together! 😊