Friday, November 17, 2023

Library + Books = Love

 I work at my town library as a substitute a few times a month, and I love it! I love being in the same building that I went to when I was younger (although it's been remodeled since then into something bigger and nicer than what it was), and I love being surrounded by books, and I enjoy helping and interacting with people from my community.

As a reader and book lover, one of the perks of working in a library is coming across a lot of different books that I want to read. If only I had the time to read them all! Sigh, maybe someday. Sometimes I take pictures of the books I want to read and put them in a folder on my phone so that I always have a TBR list and reminder there.

I read this one for my book club in October. It was WWII fiction and was based on a true story of a Russian female sniper. It was so good!

I got this book through inter-library loan and it had one of these rating review slips in it. I thought this was a great idea! My review is the one at the bottom.

I came across some interesting-looking books while straightening up the shelves in the Young Adult room. YA books are among my favorites.

I mean, how can I not want to read this? It involves owls!

Here are the shelves I straightened up in the YA Room. It's even better than a bookstore because the books are FREE!

The view from my desk. 

On a quiet evening I was working at the Circulation desk and it was pretty slow, so I did some shelf-reading in the Adult fiction section. I came across several books that were already on my to-read list and some that weren't but now are.

Murder, She Wrote is one of my favorite TV shows. I know the books aren't deep or anything but I'd like to read some of them for a fun escape from reality.

I've read The Mystery of Mrs. Christie. I want to read the other ones. Marie Benedict writes good historical fiction about strong women from history.

I've been meaning to read this one for years.

Fun fact: Lilian Jackson Braun's editor was one of my instructors at NYU when I took professional editing classes there twenty years ago. I almost got a job at Penguin Putnam in downtown Manhattan through her! 


This isn't library-related but book-related. Sam still likes the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and when the newest one came out last month, we went and got it at Barnes & Noble. They're worth buying because he re-reads them. The book came with this free bag.

Jeff Kinney is definitely right about this!