Monday, November 20, 2023

Around the House in October

We watched General Conference for the first time in our new place. I miss having the BYU Channel, but it worked out well to stream it on the TV from the Church's YouTube channel.

There were some cute scenes of Violet and Olive that I snapped pictures of.

They're both lazy. 😆

Olive moved out a couple of weeks ago with my mom, and even though she was sometimes mean to me (and vice versa with my teasing 😁), I miss her. This is the first time in 17 years that there hasn't been a cat in my house. 😞

Dinnertime for me and Sam

 I decorated my new place for a holiday for the first time. I miss all the decorating space I used to have, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was still able to use many of my decorations. 

The kitchen sill provides great space for holiday decorations. I'm thankful for it!

I take pictures of my holiday decorations for a practical reason--I compile them into albums on my computer so that I can refer back to them in future years and remember where I put everything. It makes decorating much easier and faster.

I like my compact, cozy space, although I do miss having an office, family room, and living room. Now they're all combined into one.

I finally sold my 10-ft. Balsam Hill Christmas tree. Once I listed it on Facebook Marketplace, it went fast. I sold it for a good deal to a nice lady who was planning to use it in her photography studio, so it will be the backdrop for many family pictures, which makes me happy. I'm glad it got a good new home.

Speaking of which, I can't wait to put my new tree up and decorate for Christmas later this week! 🎄