Thursday, September 21, 2023

Beauties and Wonders at the Cape

 The Cape always has beauties and wonders to see and enjoy every summer (and every season). Some of them are familiar old friends, others are new, and all of them are lovely in their own way.

It wasn't a good summer for hydrangeas (they didn't bloom at the Cape house for the first time ever!), so these ones outside of Marion's Pie Shop in Chatham were an especially welcome sight.

This isn't particularly beautiful, but it was a wonder, at least to me! For the first time probably ever, I saw a rabbit stretched out relaxing on the lawn. They're usually so bashful and shy but this one made itself at home!

Of course, as soon as I got too close, its shyness came back and it popped back up into regular rabbit position. 

But then I saw it a little later relaxing again. What a cute little fella (or lady)! I'm glad it felt so at home in my yard.

"Our beach" at the end of the street is always a beauty to behold. I love it.

Especially in the evening near sunset...

This one especially merits a 😍

We went to Gray's Boardwalk one evening and enjoyed the views, found our family's personalized plank on the boardwalk, and got a semi-decent Christmas card-candidate family picture.

I love that our Mayflower ancestors sailed across Cape Cod Bay behind us on their way from Provincetown to Plymouth over 400 years ago.

And one last one of the soft sandy white entrance to our beach...

For so many reasons, I love the beautiful, wonderful Cape!