Thursday, August 31, 2023

Me, Myself, and I in July

 Here I was during my last month of being the magical and special age of 42!

I liked how these impromptu selfies turned out.

But I don't like my nose. Womp womp.

This one is now my profile picture on LinkedIn.

I like this one mostly because my skin and eyes look like they're glowing with good health--physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

My hair was curling in for some reason here and looked shorter. I thought it looked cute.

I snapped this selfie soon after I had a virtual job interview that I'd been nervous about for weeks. You can see how my cheeks were kind of flushed from it!
The interview went pretty well--well enough to get a good offer out of it a few days later! It was a second-round interview (the first round was with HR a few weeks earlier) with the two executive co-directors of a national non-profit, which is why I was nervous. I was interviewing to be their executive assistant, but they were very interested in me taking on an editing management role instead (they said it would be harder to fill and I had the skill set for it). That's the job I was offered the following week, and I gladly accepted the offer! πŸ™Œ This is my first-ever management role, and it combines my editing, writing, and organizational skills with my interest in politics and legislation, and I'm working with talented and accomplished LDS women. It's remote and about 5-15 hours a week, so I can still do my other jobs and still be a mostly full-time mom. I feel very blessed by the opportunities that have come my way. 

Literal profile pics! πŸ˜†

I truly feel joyful and at peace with myself and my life right now. I still have bad days, some anxieties, and times of sadness, but I'm in a really good place after going through a lot, and I feel very thankful for that. πŸ’–