Thursday, July 20, 2023

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in May

Me too! 

I only go grocery shopping every two weeks; it saves me money and time.


This is prophetic (literally) and so important...

This tickles all of my funny bones 😂

I was still reading Mormon Scientist about Henry Eyring. I appreciated how his outlook on matters of faith and the unknown was so similar to mine. 
I have a lifelong love of learning and I'm pretty sure that it's going to extend into eternal life! There is so much we don't know and I'm excited to learn about all of it.

More checkmarks of agreement regarding Eyring ✔



These painters were having a good time 😂

There is hope for me yet! I'm an introvert, and I've found this to be true, at least in some respects.

Speaking of introversion...unless you're one of my kids, don't call me 😜

Palm Sunday

I like this saying from the Marines: "Pain is weakness leaving the body."

This picture resonates with me. I can't wait for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and I'm eager to witness what it will actually be like.

And like the wise virgins, I'll be ready for it. 🤍