Monday, July 10, 2023

Friends in May, and the Boston Ballet

 I got to spend an afternoon with Melanie Hansen, one of my best friends from Iowa, when she and her husband (my former stake president, and an ear-nose-throat surgeon) were in Boston for some medical conferences he was attending. I was working at the temple that morning so she met me there at lunchtime, and then I drove her to my town where we had lunch and then went to my house and spent some time there before I drove her back to the temple that evening to go back into Boston. It was wonderful to spend time together again. Melanie has been such a good and supportive friend to me over the years and she's so much fun. I really miss her and all of the walks we used to take together in our neighborhoods. I love that we can get together after not seeing each other for a couple of years and it feels just like old times again.

I had to go to the Cape for a quick overnight trip to do some work on the house and one of my other BFFs, Meredith, joined me. We talked a lot, walked to the beach twice, and went out for a nice dinner and lunch. It made a work-related trip feel more like a relaxing escape to the Cape instead.

And finally, I spent a fun evening in Boston with Meredith and Shelly. We went out to dinner and then went to Boston Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty, which was good, but honestly, I like the animated Disney movie a lot more. 😆 But it was good to get some nice classic culture in. I hardly ever go to shows and theaters like I used to, and I miss it, so this really felt like a special treat. 

The Boston Opera House is so beautiful!

A lady on the side kind of ruined this shot!

Meredith was doing something funny with her chin and it was making us laugh.

I'm grateful for the good friends in my life and for the fun times we have together!