Friday, May 12, 2023

Easter 2023

 It was our last Easter in the house and possibly John's last Easter at home with us, since next year he'll probably still be at college on Easter, and for the two years after that he'll be on his mission, and then back to college again after that. Sunrise, sunset. 😭

I love traditions and the boys still enjoy them, so we had Easter baskets and an egg hunt in the house on Sunday morning, and we made Resurrection rolls (and bacon!) for breakfast before going to church.

John's basket was mostly candy (since he's eating normally again now that wrestling is done) and money (which he's in desperate need of).

Sam's basket was mostly chocolate--Mr. Beast bars and a chocolate bunny, and some money. (He's not as poor as John, although still pretty poor.)

My basket had some of my favorite chocolates and the next Amelia Peabody book I want to read. The Easter Bunny knows me well. Imagine that! 😄

Hunting for eggs!

Assessing the spoils

An Easter selfie

It was a bit of a sad Easter because of the reasons in the first paragraph but more especially because Bentwood was dying and passed away that day. There was also an unfortunate rift in my family that was happening. I also had to take down all of my Easter decorations a few days later to get the house ready for selling. There was a lot going on and there was a lot on my mind. Yet despite all of that, I still felt the peace and quiet joy that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to my life, not just on special days like Easter, but every day; whether it's in the background or the forefront, it's always there, a comforting and reassuring presence in my life. I believe that every adversity and problem we experience in this life is a stepping stone and a growth experience that can help lead us back to Heavenly Father and Jesus. The eternal perspective changes everything, and it's another reason that I'm so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ.