Thursday, May 18, 2023

Ode to My Office!

 Last month I had to get the house ready to put on the market, which entailed cleaning things out and doing the dreaded staging (i.e., making it look like generic people/robots live here). My bookshelves were literally one of the biggest things that I needed to tackle with this task. In the office are four big floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves that were full of books. One of the reasons the office is my favorite room in the house is because of this wall of shelves. It's my very own version of the Beauty and the Beast library! 

My unstaged shelves in all their natural glory

This is the room that I'm going to miss the most when we move in six weeks (!!!). Besides my bedroom (since it's where I sleep), the office is the place in the house where I spend the most time, mostly on the computer doing editing work, e-mail, blogging, and so many other computer-related tasks. It's a cheerful, happy place no matter what I'm doing. I love it and I'm going to miss it so much! 

Bright and sunny, especially in the afternoon

I think they're well-organized and uncluttered, but my real estate agent said that half the contents needed to be removed for white space. 😭

The opposite wall

I had my mom take my picture in front of my wonderful wall of books before I started cleaning them out. 
I will treasure this picture always! πŸ˜πŸ’•

And here I give you my cleaned-out and staged bookshelves with a little more white space.

The middle shelves were still a little book-heavy, especially on the right side. It was my small act of rebellion. πŸ˜‰

There's always room for Christ (in more ways than one). 🀍

I kept my mystery series together and my Agatha Christies and Ruth Wares. I love this section of my edited shelves! 

My collection of antique books, and a very pretty picture of tulips.

At night, the recessed lighting gives off a nice warm glow. It truly is a cozy, happy space at all times of the day (or night).

An office selfie at the computer desk. I love you office! πŸ₯°

In tomorrow's post, I'll show the stacks of books that I sent off to new homes after cleaning out the office shelves and my treasured grand bookcase in the family room, which is one of my favorite pieces of furniture ever. Stay tuned!