Monday, November 14, 2022

Pillow Girl

 Violet is allowed on the leather couches in the house and she likes to cuddle up with the pillows on them, which I think is cute. She doesn't have a strong dog scent so she doesn't make them smell funny, so I'm cool with it. For some reason, I took a bunch of pictures of her lounging on the couch with the pillows throughout the month of October, maybe because I was thinking I'd get a cute "Happy Halloween" picture with her and the Halloween pillow, or maybe it was just a phase I was going through. Probably a combination of random factors like that. In any case, here are pictures of Violet the pillow girl in October!

I thought she looked particularly cute the way she had propped herself up like this. 

She liked to use the "Happy Halloween" pillow as a body pillow, which it was well-shaped for. 

Sometimes I'm jealous of Violet's life of leisure! 😄

Spying on me from her pillow tower 😆

~90% of Violet's day is naptime 💤

She must have resigned herself long ago to the reality of having a quirky owner who takes too many pictures of her!

She's fine without the pillows too, but she definitely prefers them. I don't blame her!