Thursday, November 17, 2022

Around the House in October

Violet is the queen of the stairwell. ♕

The stairwell used to be Boo Boo's domain. I miss stepping over him on the landing and sitting on the step below and cuddling with him and stroking his smooth soft fur and whispering sweet nothings in his soft floppy ears. I'm not being facetious either! October was the two-year anniversary of his death, and I still miss everything about him. I very much look forward to the day when I'll be reunited with my Boo forever. He was the best dog ever. Not to be macabre, but if I ever die prematurely, take comfort in the fact that I will be happily reunited with him, and with all of the other pets (and of course people!) that I've loved and lost in this life. 😇 

I like my Lenox ornament tree. I'm glad that I got one a few years ago before Lenox basically went out of business.

Halloween decorations! Likely for the last time in this house.

I don't buy decorations for the holidays that much anymore because I've acquired more than enough over the years and I don't need anything else, but when I saw that pillow with the pumpkins on it at Target I knew it would go really well with my favorite couch, so that was my fall decoration purchase this year and I'm very happy with it!

I'm so glad that Bentwood is coming upstairs again to hang out. I missed him this past year!

Dinner is cooking on the stove behind me. I'm no gourmet chef, but I enjoy cooking for and feeding my family. 

I like when the living room is nice and bright with afternoon light.  

Pretty fall foliage as seen through my bathroom window.

Pretty yellow leaves outside of my closet window. 

I love this boy. 💙

Because of inflation and the financial split from you-know-who in September, I've been tightening the belt and I didn't get pumpkins for the front steps this year because I was initially feeling panicked about how I was going to pay for everything with my new income. I very much regretted it when Halloween came around, and I wished I had gotten at least two pumpkins to go by the pillars. I tried to compensate with orange glitter, which was fun, but it wasn't the same without pumpkins.

I learned my lesson. Next year no matter what, I'm getting pumpkins!