Friday, October 21, 2022

August 2022 Randoms

I'm mourning the loss of my favorite eye makeup remover pads. 

I'm pretty sure Neutrogena discontinued them. I haven't been able to find them anywhere since the spring and I've looked online. The substitutes I've been using are decent but they're nothing like the pillowy soft goodness of these ones! Why Neutrogena, why did you end such a good thing?!?

I saw this in a catalog and it reminded me of Boo Boo. He died two years ago and I still miss him. Life isn't as good without my Boo.  

Cute planter set in a catalog

I saw this dress in the April Cornell catalog and I wanted it. I've cut way back on purchases but this was a splurge I was willing to make. 

It was on backorder and I got it about a month later in September. Navy blue is my favorite color to wear but pretty shades of green are a close second. 
{Related fact, I made this my profile pic on Facebook today!}

My vegetable garden did not thrive in August. 😢 It didn't fare well during the first super-hot and dry week of the month when I was at the Cape. I came home and a lot of my plants had died, probably due to lack of effective watering, which I had delegated but it wasn't done well. I was so disappointed, especially because I had very much been looking forward to the tomato harvest. These are what two of the cucumbers looked like. Gross! I don't blame that on the lack of watering though. I think I used bad cucumber seeds again this year.

This was a zucchini (I think?) that I harvested and stir-fried. So at least there was that.

I got a new cell phone in July and took advantage of being able to take a picture of my old phone with it.

I hadn't gotten a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a in a long time so I did, and it was good, but it could have used a nice dollop of mayo or sauce on it because it was pretty dry, but still tasty.

We love these biscuits! It's as close as we get to Red Lobster here in Massachusetts, which has no Red Lobsters (it's MA, after all, with its abundance of fresh seafood, but still, I wish there were a Red Lobster!). I could no longer find them in the store so I ordered a few boxes on amazon. 

A beautiful, delicious, and nutritious all-organic fruit salad! Summer peaches are the best!

The lake down the street had a very low level of water due to the drought.

The lines on the rocks is where the water is normally at! 

My DNA got finessed again and this is the latest reading. I'm more Scottish and Norwegian (for now 😄) than I thought. I want to go to ALL of these places. Well, maybe not The Balkans. Nah, I'll go there too.

My legs finally looked tan!

One of my BFFs (Meredith) was out spreading goodness (literally) to some lucky ladies in the ward and dropped off this delicious homemade cookie for me. It was so good! I can still taste it in my mind.

This was from our family photo shoot at the park. John, Sam, and our friend Bradley (the photographer) are in this picture; can you see them all?

Sam reminds me of a 50s boy in this picture.