Monday, September 19, 2022

John in July

 Teenagers like to stay up late, resulting in nap-taking (like when they were babies! 👶) during the day when they have to get up early that day. John is no exception to this, and here is photographic proof!

My sweet baby! 😄

He passed his driving test on the first try and got his license! He was thrilled! 
Me, not so much. 😱 I mean, I was happy for him and I know this is a necessary step in life, but I'm scared to have him driving on his own. This is a source of high anxiety for me, but it's slowly getting better the more he drives, which he loves doing--he seems to have none of my driving-related anxiety, which is a good thing (although I think a little anxiety can help keep you safe!).

I taught him how to pump gas, an important life skill (although it might become an outdated and outlawed one if the globalists get their way. Oh sorry, I'll save that for one of my "Crazy Times" posts!).

He also flew out to Iowa on his own to see his friends out there for a few days. It was a good month for John!