Monday, September 19, 2022

Sam in July

 Sam had a fun July. It was a hot, dry month, so he spent a lot of time in the pool, and a lot of time playing Roblox. Not at the same time. 😄

Sam does have mandated screen-free breaks during the day, so when he was inflating pool tubes, instead of being on his phone or iPad, he read a book. I snapped a few pictures unbeknownst to him and they turned out kind of magical--it looks a little like light is coming from the book and lighting up his mind! (Unfortunately it wasn't that enlightening of a book--it was Goosebumps. 😂 But still, it shows the power of reading to illuminate our minds and imaginations!)

Sam and Shane have a lot of fun together. I let them get the bounce house out and they had a blast with it. I can't believe this bounce house has lasted for so long--we got it when Sam was a baby!

I thought I had more pictures of Sam in July (other than the Cape ones that I've already posted), so this post is short (unlike Sam) and sweet (like Sam--most of the time!).