Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Walking in a Woodsy Wonderland

 One of my favorite things about my neighborhood is that I can walk a short distance to some really nice walking paths in the woods. Additionally, on the way to those paths there's a picturesque pond to pass by. I feel so blessed to have these wonderful beauties right at the end of my street!

There were lots of pretty little wildflowers everywhere in June.

I like paths through the woods and pictures of them. In this one it almost looks like a circle in the distance, like a portal that takes you to a different dimension. My imagine goes wild on walks in the woods. 😊

On this particular day I was feeling pretty adventurous and I climbed up the side of a gigantic Ice Age-era rock formation. It was pretty high up at the top and provided a good view of the woods below.

I'll have to come back in the fall when the foliage colors will be popping! But I also like the greens of summer. {Green is my favorite color!}

I love the old rock walls of New England and how you can stumble upon them in the woods. 
That's history right there!

On the walk home, this is the pretty scene as you approach the pond.

Someone had hung an old-fashioned stick swing up from a tree. I like to imagine that I'm living back in the 1800s in this picture.

I've found that walks in the woods are very beneficial for my mind, body, and spirit. Even more so when I can walk right to them from home, which makes me feel that much closer (literally!) to the beauty and magic of the woods.