Thursday, August 11, 2022

I Love to See the Temple...

 ...and I'm going there TODAY! Not only do I get to see it but I also get to go in it and participate in its heavenly goodness. (See what I did there? 😉) 

Back in June I went to the temple the day after my 20th wedding anniversary. We were married in this very temple (the Boston Temple) and it would have been so nice to commemorate what could have been a special anniversary with a trip to the temple where we were married, so it was a little bittersweet being there on my own in the midst of a long, painful, drawn-out divorce that is bringing that marriage to an end. But none of that takes away from my time in the temple, specifically in this temple, in any way, really. I feel peace, comfort, joy, and divine guidance when I'm there, despite the fact that it's the place where I got married to the person who ended up hurting me more than I ever thought possible. It's because it's the Lord's house, and he is the Master Healer, and so it's a beautiful place of healing and hope. Despite my marriage's difficulties and its tragic end, it brought good things into my life (especially my children), and I'm grateful for that, and I trust in even better things to come. All will be made right, and returning to the temple again and again and renewing my covenants with the Lord helps me to know that for sure.