Friday, August 12, 2022

Fun Times with Family and Friends in June

 On a lovely June evening we went out to dinner to celebrate my sister Jennifer's 50th birthday. She doesn't look or seem 50 at all and I hope that I age as well as she does! It was a fun dinner and it was nice eating outside. There was a sand volleyball pit out back so the boys were able to go play around while we waited for our food, which is always a plus when dining with kids!

This picture shows Hayley and Adam better.

I went for a "summer solstice" evening hike on (duh) the first day of summer with friends from church. The trail was right in my town and I never even knew about it! I'll definitely go back and use it again because I really liked it. This was a fun thing to do to welcome in my favorite season of summer!

We used the self-timer in this one so we're all in it. It came out okay. I kind of like the plant in the foreground, it all looks rather artsy. 😄

I went out to dinner with Bonnie, Kerry, and Jill to celebrate Kerry's and Bonnie's birthdays. Jen was out of town and couldn't join us and we missed her so we texted her this picture.

Next time I'll write about a really fun weekend trip I took in June with my mom, sister, and niece to a very special place that I now can't wait to go back to! It was the ultimate fun time with family who also happen to be friends!