Thursday, June 30, 2022

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in April

I told this to myself often when the boys were younger when I had days that felt unproductive. 

"Thru cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me" is something I've said and continue to say to myself a lot, especially when times are tough. I've said it to myself through torrents of tears, when trying to calm down in a stressful situation, when going to sleep at night, and for things like taking a particularly lovely walk in the woods. It's a comforting and peaceful refrain and it has become one of my personal mantras. It helps center me and focus me on what really matters--my Savior and the teachings and truths of His gospel.

Deep breaths aren't as profound, but they're good, too! 😤

I really do swear by the Pomodoro Technique for getting big projects done. You can get anything attainable done in 25-minute increments, whether it's 25 minutes once a day or several times a day, or 25 minutes a week, or whatever.  

I'm looking forward to the prophesied day when this will happen. I'll be ready for it, with my proverbial lamp full of oil. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ can't happen soon enough. 
James E. Faust was one of my favorite church leaders when I was in my young adult years. He had some very good thoughts and teachings, like this one. He and I have the same birthday too. :-)

Get that lymph moving!

This was a good, thought-provoking article about how it's okay to be uncomfortable sometimes.

"Being uncomfortable is part of being human. Our attempts to eliminate and prevent any situation that might lead to discomfort are worse than futile: they're a waste of energy that deprives us of the impetus for growth."

"Our efforts shouldn't be in condemning discomfort, but rather in building and honing our skills for managing it with greater skill, awareness, and self-compassion...Ultimately, feeling uncomfortable is an opportunity to grow and evolve--to change and become more resilient and stronger." 💪


It's on my To-Do List. And my Figure-Out-How List.

Inspiration found on t-shirts in a Harry Potter shop at Universal Studios in Orlando. 😄

These are all wonderful qualities that I love and appreciate in myself (not perfect, but always striving) and in others.

Helpful Facebook comments that I could relate to that accompanied an article about marriage and divorce. 

More than ever before, I appreciate articles about frugality and simplicity and how to be smart with money, both because of the floundering economy and because of my changed financial situation due to the upcoming divorce.

Life really is wonderful, and this is one of my favorite movies!

This was cute 😊

These two were my personal faves, and I'm not being sarcastic!