Wednesday, June 22, 2022

John's Junior Prom

John's junior prom was on Friday, April 29th. I was excited for him! He had a great time.

We got the wrist corsage and boutonniere from the same place in town where my prom flowers came from twenty-five years ago!

John's tux was really nice and it was fitted to him perfectly. We rented it through a company that came to the school. Very convenient!

I helped him figure out the fancy buttons and the cuff links. Neither of us really knew what we were doing with these fancy man clothes but together we were victorious. 😆 

😍 So cute!

I helped him gel his hair nicely too. Moms of boys tend to be pretty good at that. 😁 I bought a special pomade just for prom so that his hair would stay in place for the night.

The shoes were narrow and tricky and my mom helped him get those on. Poor John, helped by his mom and his grandma to get ready for prom! 😆 He was a good sport about everything.

He cleans up nicely!

My mom pinned on his boutonniere too. 😆 John's date was running late so we just wanted to get it done. He asked his friend Izzy (short for Isabel) from church. They met last summer at youth conference and have been good friends ever since.

John's friend Ken and his date Abby (a delightful, super nice girl) came over for some pictures. They all went to the prom together. I would have liked to have gotten pictures of John with more friends, particularly his two best friends from wrestling, but it's okay, this was good too. Since Izzy wasn't there yet we took some pictures of the three of them.

Ken drove over in a shiny white Tesla which was pretty cool. They matched his white sneakers!

We took a few family pics...

It will be Sam's turn in five years!

Ready and waiting with Izzy's wrist corsage.

Those shoes! I love it when men dress up!

And then Izzy arrived! 🙌 She looked beautiful.

What were the chances that the girls--who had never met before--were wearing the same dress?! They both looked beautiful in it.

Then I drove them (minus Ken, who had his super cool Tesla but couldn't drive anyone yet because of MA rules) over to the high school, where everyone going to prom was meeting to take coach buses to the actual prom. I took a couple of pictures from my car after they joined the crowd because I was forbidden by John from going any further. That was my chance to get pictures of John with some more friends, but oh well. He wasn't interested in any more pictures!

John (and Izzy) had a great time at the prom, and he went to the after-prom party too, from which I had to pick him up at 2:15 a.m. 😴

 I'm so glad that John got to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of high school prom in his life! 💙