Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Around the House in March

 Sam got the paints out for the first time in a long time! Hopefully he'll do another craft project again soon.

March started out really rough for me (in like a lion), and my good friend Sharalyn came over one day with this beautiful bouquet of flowers, which brought me cheer not only that day but for a couple of weeks after, too.  
Sharalyn is such a good friend--she sat with me as I talked and cried and vented, listening and comforting me for as long as I needed. An actual miracle happened because immediately after her visit, I felt like a load had literally been lifted from my shoulders, and it never came back. I couldn't believe the difference before and after the visit and how much better I felt. My circumstances hadn't changed, but my attitude and ability to cope with them had. I am so thankful to her for her steadfast friendship and support. I am truly blessed by good friends and family in my life. 

My snuggly Sam snuggling with a snuggly blanket 😊

John was being pretty hilarious at dinner one night. He came down to dinner shirtless and Sam and I were cracking up over his antics that evening.

 He is such a riot sometimes. 😆

Violet on the couch. She's only allowed on the leather couch(es), and she makes the most of it!

Cozy under a pillow 😄. There are days when this is all I want to do too!

Sam turned into a mushroom...

There's a picture of me as a kid with this exact same expression on my face and in a similar position (minus the papasan cushion 😄). I need to find it. In many ways, Sam is my little male twin.

Organization Central for me 😍
 I wish I had a built-in desk in my kitchen--I've never had one and I'd very much like one, because I'd use it all the time--but a corner of the kitchen counter will continue to suffice, as it's done in two different houses for the last twelve years! 

Violet with a blanket on her head. It fell down on her. 😄

John giving her a pet (pun not intended!) before leaving for school.

I got out the Easter things toward the end of the month.

Silly selfies with Sam

Violet on the couch again. I don't know why I took so many pictures of this throughout the month.

This was another evening when John was being funny and the boys were getting along well.


More Vi, this time with me 😁

My never-ending quest for a good selfie with Violet continues 😂

A yummy, nutritious lunch

Another hibernation day

Handsome Sam, growing up fast!

The boys goofing off before going to school. A good way to start the day!

This dishtowel sometimes feels very ironic to me. 😄