Tuesday, March 22, 2022

New Year's Eve 2021

 Not to be a Negative Nellie, but I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve. I think it's my least favorite holiday. I find it to be anti-climactic and kind of depressing. It always feels like everyone is out having fun except for me. And the warmth and joy of the Christmas season is over; on to cold, dark January. 

100% accurate 😂

I usually feel pretty alone on NYE, which I literally am now with the custody plan, but even pre-divorce, he who shall not be named usually just did his own thing somewhere else in the house, so I almost always rang in the new year on my own, except maybe for the last two minutes (if that). It was a sad and lonely way to end the year and start a new year. In that respect (and others) I'm better off on my own. It's better to be alone than to be ignored and neglected.  

But it's time to move on! Last year's New Year's Eve was better than usual. I went out and did something fun during the day with my mom and sister, and surprisingly, I made it to midnight! Probably because I was eager to kiss the horrible, terrible, no good year of 2021 goodbye. It was the hardest and worst year of my life and I was glad to see it end!  


My mom, Jennifer, and I went to one of my favorite little bookstores, An Unlikely Story. We shopped and ate lunch in their cafe. It's Jeff Kinney's bookstore so there's Diary of a Wimpy Kid merch, and I snapped a picture of Greg on a pile of books because this was me the last week of the year--I read like crazy that week (nine books!) in order to make my 2021 reading goal! 

I've never been so happy to have a year end. I have higher hopes for 2022! #knockonwood
The night scene, complete with lit-up Christmas tree and my shopping bag from earlier in the day. It was just me and Violet partying it up (as you can see).

Goodbye 2021, I'm so glad you're done
Hello 2022, I'm excited for you! 
(I just made that up! 😁)