Monday, March 21, 2022

Crazy Times Scrapbook, December 2021

 The craziness was ramping up again in December with the arrival of Omicron, which proved to be pretty much harmless for most people who got it. No surprise there!  

The U.S. is in a dangerous state. "Shutting down debate, marginalizing and canceling people, denying free and open expression of opinions, destroying people directly or indirectly, is the way totalitarian regimes gain and maintain power."

Something I suspect is true but hope is not. Also, the last sentence of this comment is great!

I agree with this, but I always thought vaccines were supposed to stop transmission of disease/illness. The definition of what a vaccine does seemed to change over the winter.

I especially agree with #3.


I couldn't resist including this because of the comparison of Bill Gates and vaccines with Gollum from The Lord of the Rings and the ring of power. I know this is conspiracy theory territory here, and hopefully that's all it is, but a lot of conspiracy "theories" over the last couple of years have turned out to be conspiracy facts.
"Tougher restrictions are driving the unvaccinated to the margins of public life" That wasn't just happening in Europe, but in the U.S. too., with places like entertainment venues and theaters requiring vaccination to attend.

I think Pfizer and Moderna are evil and that the truth will come out about why a lot sooner than 75 years from now. I hope so, and I hope they will be held accountable for their deception and depravity.

This turned out to be TRUE!

Because it's a cold.

The vaccines don't work well, and the data proves it. This is from The Wall Street Journal.

The price of everything was going up (and still is).


I kind of wish I'd gotten Omicron so that I had the superior natural immunity that it confers. Who knows, maybe I did! I had a couple of cases of a stuffy nose in December and January.

More signs of the times...

This is another reason why I don't like vaccines: they use aborted fetal cell lines. How can we practice abortion in the U.S. and then inject ourselves with the product of that human murder? Unbelievable. 

Yup, super-vaxxed "Maskachusetts" got hit by this.

Another troubling sign of the times.

Mainstream media outlets were beginning to catch on that we have to stop freaking out about Covid. They were very late to the game on that, but at least they were finally showing up.

Again, I feel like the definition of "vaccine" has changed.

They've got more sense about Covid in the South.

It did turn out to be less virulent...

"Democrats want everyone to forget that some of the biggest recent reductions in child poverty occurred amid the healthy growth of the Trump years before the pandemic."

"The eternal truth is that faster economic growth that creates jobs and raises incomes is by far the best anti-poverty program."

She's dumb, and she thinks that Americans are dumb.

"Athletes, and all of us, were told that if everyone were vaccinated, Covid cases would plunge and we could return to normal life. Yet there were more U.S. Covid cases on Dec. 24, 2021, than there were on Dec. 24, 2020."