Monday, February 14, 2022

Around La Casa en Noviembre

From Halloween decorations... Thanksgiving decorations 🦃

Sam made this cute turkey a few years ago.  

A friend gave me a super-nice and comfortable office chair that she no longer needed--allegedly--because she needed it back a few weeks later with the intention of giving it to me again, but that was back in December so I don't think that's happening at this point. It was nice while it lasted! A few days ago I ordered a nice new desk chair from LaZBoy that's a lot like this one. Hopefully it won't take months to arrive. My wooden desk chair just isn't cutting it! 

Romeo, my sister's cat, was getting more used to me and not running away from me as much. Progress!

Romeo and Violet get along well. They also look a lot alike (other than being different species 😄).

Sam at breakfast

The evening before Thanksgiving, the four boys helped me set up the Christmas tree. Well, they dragged the bags up from the basement and I set it up. Still, it was helpful! 

I'm thankful for Violet 💗

I put the lights on the tree with my Mom's help on Thanksgiving.

The boys and I decorated with ornaments the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving. I like this tree (though I miss having a real one) but I don't like how the branches droop down at the very bottom.  They should point up or at least out more. Other than that, it's a great tree.

Our thankful feathers turkey that we've done for the last couple of years.

My girl Vi curled up with a Christmas pillow and her festive collar jewelry. She's such a girly girl! 😄