Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Many Sides of Violet

 Sometimes I take Violet along in the car when I'm going on short rides to places because she howls in sadness when I leave the house, and partly because of that she likes to go for car rides. On this particular day we were waiting during Sam's piano lesson, and she was looking particularly cute and photogenic, so I snapped a few pictures of my girl as she scoped out the exciting view of the parking lot. ­čśä

Back at the house, here's the bone-loving side of Violet.

And here is the affectionate side of our "girly girl," as I like to call her.

Violet is a good, gentle, faithful dog and I'm very thankful for her companionship. Boo Boo will always be my favorite and I still miss him very much, but I love her too and I hope she'll stick around for several more years (she's 10 now and in excellent health--knock on wood!).