Thursday, January 20, 2022

Boys at Play!

 Four boys in the house ages 9-16 equals a lot of fun horsing around! 

John was trying (pretty successfully) to keep Rocco, Shane, and Sam all pinned to the cushion. Not bad John! His strength serves him well on and off the wrestling mat. 😄

Sam and Shane are the two youngest, two years apart in age, and they play together the most. 

Pinned 😆

Free spankings!

Shane is a good sport 💙

They like to have pillow fights too...

I don't have pictures but another thing we like to do (and I say "we" because I sometimes play too!) is balloon volleyball, and a fun game they invented with the balloon called "Keep It Up."

Boys at play are also boys who sleep well at night! It's great how they play and how they tire each other out!