Friday, November 5, 2021

Beach Pics of Summer 2021

 I only got to spend a week on the Cape this summer, instead of our usual minimum of three weeks. That was hard, but such is the newfound sad reality of divorce (and the happier reality of fitting in other vacations). So we made the most of it during the week we were there, which happened to be my birthday week, which is of course one of the best weeks of the whole year. 😉

Because we were only there for a week, I can put all of the beach pictures into one post. I'll offer up a half-hearted yay for efficiency. 😐

Sunday evening walk down to "our beach"

I enjoyed a few mornings at Saints' Landing Beach in Brewster while Sam was at camp. I don't think I'll ever tire of walking out on the flats at low tide. It's one of my favorite things to do on the Cape.

The sea and me


The view from my chair on shore. The tide was starting to come back in but it was still pretty far out.

After dinner one evening we went to Bayside Beach in Hyannis.

Is anyone ever too old for the swings? I don't think so!

John had some serious height going on!

I love these pics. I love this beach, even though it's small and simple (and sometimes stinky!).

A fishing boat

A car ferry coming from the Vineyard or Nantucket

Another beautiful morning on the flats.

Bird tracks on the sea floor. Who'd have thunk it? 😄

I love the dunes.


Back at our beach again for another evening visit. This time Sam went in. The water was so clear and calm that evening.

Sam appears to walk on water! 
I'll reveal the not-so-secret secret: he was standing on a rock that at lower tide rises above the water line.

It became apparent to me this summer that the majority of my greatest loves in life start with the letter "s": my sons, my Savior, and the sea. Oh, and summertime! And sand! And seashells! Okay, I'm getting carried away; those last few don't qualify as my greatest loves, just lesser loves. 😁


Our final beach trip was to Sea Gull Beach on my birthday. It was a windy, slightly cooler day, but it was sunny and nice.

Books and the beach, a great combination. And two more of my favorite things, I might add. And they both start with the same letter again. I really do appreciate the alliteration in my life. 😆

John did some skimboarding. He's in the middle of the picture.

We got some good beach time in despite only having a week to do it!