Monday, October 25, 2021

Low-Key Day Three but More on Day Four

Do you see what I did with the rhyming there? I know, I know, my cleverness knows no bounds. 

Our third day in Iowa was a more quiet and relaxing day, which was nice.

We had lunch at Panchero's, which was delicious. I miss Panchero's so much, and it's one of my greatest wishes that they come to New England. Their chicken tacos and fresh guacamole rock my world.

Sam got together with two of his good friends who he's stayed in touch with since we moved. They spent a fun afternoon together.

While Sam was with his friends (and John was still at Craig and Cyle's--their parents are saints for letting John stay with them for most of the week!), my mom and I went to the Coral Ridge Mall. We got chair massages and it felt really good on my tight neck. I miss this mall a lot. I wanted to go to the movies there and see Black Widow that evening, but Sam didn't want to.

We drove down this very familiar road to our old neighborhood...

...and stalked our old house for the second (or third) time that week. I MISS IT!! The nostalgia was running high for me at this point.

One of the items on my must-do in Iowa list was to go to the Co-op and get a slice of my favorite chocolate mousse cake. It was so satisfying to eat this again! And I even remembered my old member number. I wasn't a fan of some of the changes they'd made in the store, but the cake was still good. 😋

We took our chances with fate and went to Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City to see the creepy Black Angel

 On Friday, we got a very tired John back and went to Adventureland for the day, our favorite (and pretty much the only) amusement park in Iowa. His friend Alex came along with us too.

The last time we were here, this roller coaster was still operating! As you can see, that is no longer the case. 

We spent a couple of hours in the waterpark. I title this picture "Screenagers" even though Alex was looking at me at this particular moment instead of his phone. 

A LOL pic of Sam

A cute little owl thing clinging to  me in the gift shop. I cropped most of myself out of this picture because it was terribly unflattering and discouraging to my self-esteem. But the owl was cute. 😄

Our tube on this ride spun around and made me feel nauseated. My tolerance for spinning is very low. 😵

My nausea was cured by a refreshing mint chocolate chip ice cream cone from this great little ice cream parlor.

(A prettier pic of it)

Then we drove back to Iowa City and had dinner at Panchero's. It was a fun Friday, and I think we all slept well that night!