Friday, October 1, 2021

June 2021 Randoms

Always and Forever. I love this.

A pretty peony at Pan Thai

A cool ninja obstacle 🦉

One of my favorite classical pieces
And look at all that pollen! Luckily for me, pollen doesn't really affect me.

Meredith, Sharalyn, and I got pedicures together. Our feet were ready for summer!

This selfie captures the true joy that I feel in spite of the devastating hardships that I had recently experienced. They are proof to me of the miracle of healing from deeply traumatic events, the power of the priesthood, the effectiveness of people's sincere prayers on my behalf, the heavenly influence of the temple and the sacred covenants that are made there, the blessings of living a faithful and righteous life, and that peace and joy can truly be a reality in the midst of pain and adversity.

We finally went to the movies for the first time since Covid shut everything down! We saw Peter Rabbit 2 (it was okay; the first one was better). As you can see, Sam was thrilled with the new butter machines at the theater!

Next year I'd like to try growing strawberries.

 Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorite movies ever, and Colonel Brandon is the best, especially as played by Alan Rickman. I want a man like that!

Birthday cakes for Jennifer

This is one of my favorite soaps. I hadn't gotten it in awhile and I discovered it again at The Paper Store, so I took a picture with it in front of the bag to (hopefully) remind myself of where to get it in the future. 

Speaking of favorites, this is my favorite flavor at Uhlman's, and it's one of my favorite ice cream flavors ever. It's so good!


Roses outside of Pan Thai (Pan Thai again!)

Sam and his friend made a really impressive Revolutionary War game at school. It's so well-done and fun to play that my dad offered to buy it from him, and I'm going to laminate it to keep it in good condition. They really did a great job on this!

A yummy breakfast 😋

"Although often ignored by academics and the popular narratives today, America led the world in raising the standard of liberty and fighting against slavery...Many of the Founding Fathers expressed a sincere hope for slavery to be forever and utterly ended." 

I love the backyard in summertime. It's green and lush and feels like its own little world back there.

I forgot to put this picture of the huge hydrangea bush in the backyard in my Flowers in June post, so I'm going to add it there and keep it here too. It gets to be on the blog twice as a consolation prize for my forgetfulness.