Monday, September 20, 2021

Flowers of June

 I'm sure that I do a post like this every year about the flowers in June, but I can't help it! The flowers are too pretty not to be photographed and blogged about again and again. Every year their beauty is literally renewed and refreshed. This is one of the reasons I love living in a place with four distinct seasons. I appreciate the beauties of each season much more since they're transitory, but I love knowing that it all comes back again because of nature's wonderful permanent repeat cycle.

These pretty white flowers look like they're made of chiffon. They're my second favorite (right after las rosas).

Is it the Garden of Eden, or my side yard? 😄😍

Magnolias galore

Roses and lavender (and Sam 😊)

Roses and rain mix well. I love these two pictures not only for how they turned out but also because of what they symbolize to me personally--there is still so much beauty to behold even (and sometimes especially) in the storms of life, which can serve to make you stronger and more beautiful than ever before. #flowerphilosophy 😁

I snipped some of the roses for my own bouquet inside. No grocery store or florist shop needed. 😊