Thursday, September 30, 2021

Lovely Mystic

 I spent a fun day in Mystic, Connecticut with my friends Meredith and Beth and Beth's teenage daughter Maeve at the end of June. It was a fun way to start the summer! 

We went to a nice outdoor shopping village called Olde Mistick Village and (stating the obvious) we shopped and ate lunch.

I like Christmas shops, and this one didn't disappoint!

I found an owl nutcracker!! Of course I had to get it.

More owls

I took pictures of Greek mythology things that I saw and texted them to Sam.

I like dolls but not these ones!


Lunch was so good. Meredith and I shared an absolutely delicious mushroom pizza (we were in Mystic so we had to get pizza!) and I got a root beer to go with it. Pizza and root beer, such a good combination. 😋

I got some really, really good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I need to go online and get more. It was that good, and they had so many different flavors.

The giant gnome was an irresistible photo opp. LOL

Then we went to the Mystic Seaport Museum, which is a great collection of museums, buildings, and ships. It's like a recreation of a historic village ("living history museum" is the term), like Old Sturbridge Village and Plimoth Plantation. 

Check out these cool mastheads from old ships...

It was fun exploring one of the ships. I could live like this on solid ground, though I wouldn't enjoy the lack of space and privacy, but on a smallish ship? Not so much! I don't know how our ancestors did it. 

The houses on the other side of the river were so pretty.

The restoration work on the Mayflower II was done in this shipyard before it sailed back up to Plymouth last year.

This picture with Meredith practically made my summer. 😆 (Even though my forehead looks huge!)

Mystic was lovely and it only took about 90 minutes to drive there. I'm looking forward to going back again!