Friday, September 3, 2021

May 2021 Randoms

I like this bracelet because it's pretty and it looks like it stays in place. I don't like it when bracelets slide around a lot and get in the way. This one looks perfect! 

I thought this was cute and funny in how it states the obvious

My favorite dish at one of my favorite local restaurants. The way they do their salmon is so good!

I do these eye patches at night sometimes when I watch TV because while the rest of the skin on my face is smooth, the skin around my eyes tends to get more crinkly. The patches work well and I like them!

A delicious al fresco charcuterie board lunch at Meredith's

Good additions to my vintage Nancy Drew collection! My friend Shelley saw them at an antique store and texted me a picture asking if I wanted her to pick them up for me, to which I responded yes please!

I read this book review of Metabolical in The WSJ and knew that my nutrition-obsessed dad would love it. So I ordered a book for him and one for me too, because I'm interested in this topic (not obsessed like him, but definitely interested).

This was John's first wrestling match of the delayed season. He's the one on the left. He lost that match, but it was a good effort, and I'm so glad that they were able to get some semblance of a wrestling season in.

I can't believe this shop was 500 years old! And that it finally closed! 

Sam doing an obstacle course at Meredith's. He's under the red arch.

I've had hair despair for most of my life because of how thin it is, but I've got nothin' on Medusa! 😅

I continue to be a warrior fighter against pornography, an evil and harmful pandemic in the world.

"We can sit them down and explain the personal costs of pornography in terms of self-respect and degradation. We can tell them how this industry makes billions of dollars a year, how it demeans both women and men, and how it has the power to destroy love." All sadly true. It's so important to protect our kids and ourselves from this utter garbage.

My dad wrote this funny caption on the paper. We're like-minded when it comes to Biden.

A beautiful house on the Cape 😍

I love it when things like this show up in the town's police report. 😂

I saw this book at a diner and snapped a picture for Sam the bacon-lover. 

Another picture I sent to Sam, to show him where I was in the Percy Jackson book I was reading.

A pretty window and view in my sister's house. That's the last time I ever went there because she moved out less than two months later and in with me, and now the house has been sold. But this pretty picture remains. 

A stately fountain on the Town Common on Memorial Day.