Monday, September 27, 2021

Crazy Times Scrapbook, June 2021

 The crazy times continue to roll, and they've only gotten crazier since June.

June was looking good Covid-wise. But then Delta made its unfortunate presence known in July.

"The vulnerable elderly got the shots first. Of course demand has been declining."

"People under 19 account for 0.1% of Covid-19 deaths." And we're giving them an experimental vaccine that is known to cause problems--why? Common sense in this country has gone out the window.

I suspect there are a lot more vaccine injuries and deaths out there than we realize, and that it's being covered up or not reported. Someday the truth of it all will come out. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future before it's too late for so many people. 

"Prior research has shown that only a fraction of adverse events are reported, so the true number of cases is almost certainly higher. This tendency of underreporting is consistent with our clinical experience."

Economic collapse is likely coming. This is just one of many signs of it.

It definitely came from a lab in China.

America is in so much trouble, for so many reasons.

I got a cold in June, the first time I'd been sick with anything in about 18 months. So this news provided some comfort! 

The middle headline makes me 😆

Complete and utter hypocrisy.

Answer: almost certainly.

Such a good illustration.

Corruption and secret combinations...

Communist China is evil and it's a huge threat to the U.S. and to the world.