Monday, March 1, 2021

Looking Back and Looking Forward

 Things that made me happy in February

Snowstorms--one of which was the biggest storm we've had since moving back to MA. We got 18 inches from that one!

Egyptian Pyramids Dishscape (yay!)

A fun antiques shop and lunch with two friends

Dinner out with two other friends at a new (to me) Italian restaurant that was yummy! (The food, not the restaurant)

Meeting and talking with James "The Beast" McGrath who used to compete on NBC's American Ninja Warrior. The boys did an open gym with him at a nearby ninja gym. He was hoping for and waiting for the call to compete on the new season that's being filmed soon. I hope he got that call.

A box of delicious chocolate-covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements

Receiving a bouquet of hydrangeas and a balloon and funny card from one of my BFFs for Galentine's Day

Sam reading and really liking the Percy Jackson series (I'm so happy to see him being into reading!) and watching the two movies together

John and Sam did the sacrament together for the first time. It was John's first time blessing it and Sam's first time passing it. Very special! 

Getting a manicure with my sisters and niece. My nails looked so pretty for a week!

New pajamas that are super comfy and cute (and were only $10 at BJ'S!)

Going with friends to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for the first time and seeing a beautiful Monet exhibit there, among other very cool things. That museum is a treasure!

On TV, All Creatures Great and Small, which was delightful, and I discovered the pleasures of Poirot

I got my first maskless massage in a year. Massages are better without masks!

A trip with three friends to another antique store that was amazing where I made some great discoveries, followed by lunch at one of my favorite restaurants

I did two puzzles! And I enjoyed them because they weren't super-challenging and discouraging!

(Posts and pictures to come of most of these things. Not the massage. 😄)

Things I'm Looking Forward to in March

The return of spring. You can already feel hints of it in the air! 

The new Dishscape, which I discovered this morning. It's a lovely scene of an Irish castle and cottages by the sea. I get to enjoy that view and the peaceful sounds from it all month long! 

John's 16th birthday!! And a family party to celebrate it along with my sister's and nephew's birthdays!

A full month of regular school--"regular" being a relative term, as things haven't yet returned to normal (maybe next month, I hope, I hope), but "regular" in terms of there not being any no-school days and only one early-release day. This school year the boys have been going to school every other day. It's working but it falls far short of what they need for a full education. It's time to go back full time; send them all back ASAP! But I digress.

A new interesting-looking show that's getting good reviews on NBC called Debris that involves alien things and paranormal stuff. Heads up, it starts tonight!

When Calls the Heart

Good books to read

Get-togethers with friends and family

There's not a lot on the calendar for March other than our usual things, but that's okay. I'm hoping it will be a lot more normal than last year's crazy March when the lockdowns started and so much about Covid was still unknown and the calendar got completely wiped out!