Friday, October 9, 2020

August Antics of Sam

Eating breakfast at the Cape house

With his iPad again, this time in the living room at the Cape house (with my birthday balloons!).

One of my birthday gifts was a small Lego London set (a funny/sad substitute for actually going to London). Sam put it together for me when we got home from the Cape.

Cute! I wish I could see it in real life, but this will have to do for now!

He made a pet rock. Well, obviously he didn't make the actual rock, but he transformed it into his pet. 😄 
Last year he made the pot holder it's sitting on.  

One of the two new floats that he picked out at the Cape this summer. The other one is a big giraffe.

Two of my favorite beings in the world! And Violet, over by the window. 😄

FaceTiming with Owl Sam. 😂 I love it!

He designed this for his YouTube channel.

I can't take credit for this beautiful picture; it was texted to me by Sam's friend's mom. They were at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth on the Cape. 😍

He was cuddling with his big stuffed hippo one morning and I got some cute pictures out of the cuddlefest.

His hair had turned a beautiful shade of golden blond from the summer sun.

Oh how I love my little boy! He'll always be my babydoll, even though he was only a few weeks away from turning 11!