Monday, October 12, 2020

The ISG, Take Two

 In August I went into Boston for the first time in awhile with my friends Meredith and Christine. We went to the recently reopened Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Meredith and I had been there with Sharalyn in January, one of our last excursions B.C. (Before Covid). It was different going back D.C. (During Covid. I know, I'm so clever. 😁) It was much less crowded because of capacity limits, and reservations were required. The quietness and lack of crowds was nice--it almost felt like we had the place to ourselves, and it gave me a better sense of what it must have been like when Isabella lived there.

The indoor courtyard is one of my favorite spots ever. It had been decorated with new flowers and plants since January and was even more gorgeous than it was then.

That's some bathtub! πŸ˜„

I mean, really, this is so just so pretty. 😍

There are a lot of other things besides the gorgeous courtyard in the museum. Here are some that caught my eye that day.

A gorgeous tile mosaic. I love the colors.

I'll always love ballet.

I really like the beautiful blue fabric and pattern on this bench. 

I couldn't stay away from the courtyard! A view from the second floor.

I liked this bookcase.

Frilly and feminine

I'm ba-aack!

The proprietress of this amazing collection herself, Isabella Stewart Gardner.

This was a huge old book that I got too close to and in innocently doing so, I triggered a small alarm! 😱 
It's okay, they didn't kick me out or yell at me.

Hello again, old friend.

It was a lovely day in a lovely place with lovely friends. And it felt good to do something "normal" again!