Monday, October 19, 2020

Coronavirus and Crazy Times Scrapbook, August 2020

 I'm not really in the mood to do this post but as a matter of habit and of trying to reach my goal of getting all caught up on the blog, I'll do it anyway. But it may be lacking in whatever "verve" these posts usually have. True tragedy struck last week with the sudden death of my beloved Boo Boo, and I'm not quite myself as I continue to recover from that. 

On that rather sad note, let the crazy times from August according to my phone camera roll begin.


In August Massachusetts decided to make the flu shot mandatory for all school students. I'm very upset about this, and will not be complying with this unjust mandate. These are some of the reasons why from some fellow anti-flu shot kindred spirits.

Of the laughing emojis: fools mock...

"Socialist distancing" -- so clever, and true!

This was mysterious. This article appeared on Meridian, an LDS news and opinion website that I like, about a head of Pfizer who's a leader in the church and his positive thoughts on the development of the Covid vaccine. The article was removed without explanation before I read it. Isn't that weird? 

The Presidential Race

Deep down, even Biden knows it! 😄


I don't like Kamala Harris because of how she behaved during Kavanaugh's Supreme Court hearings. I remember thinking how diabolical she looked, like a spider trying to catch her prey in a web. It creeped me out. I don't trust her, and I hope she's never the vice president or president.

This is literally what helped me know how to pronounce her name correctly.

Trump's "Mideast Breakthrough" didn't get nearly the coverage it should have gotten in the mainstream media. He got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times for this huge accomplishment, for Pete's sake.

A sad and unfair truth.

"Mr. Trump has the better case" for being the candidate that can best lead America to a sustained post-Covid expansion.

Miscellaneous Crazy Stuff

Dump the "1619 Project" for the slop that it is.

The Wall Street Journal is probably my favorite news source. Well, that and Zero Hedge.

"Why is it that immigrants, including black immigrants and their children, are more likely to thrive in this country than their non-immigrant minority counterparts?...Immigrants generally haven't bought the Democrats' portrayal of them 'as victims--hapless people thwarted by 'systemic racism' and American injustice, moored forever in a netherworld of murk and fear.'"

A good example of how Trump has helped to improve life for African-Americans: The First Step Act (criminal justice reform).

Democrats outnumber Republicans in my town by quite a bit. What a shock!
Maybe I should give up and join the Pirate Party or the Pizza Party. 😂

He sure is. 😖