Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Of Health and Healthiness

 In April and May I took an online Super Immunity class given by a functional medicine doctor in Iowa City whose philosophies I like. It was an informative and helpful class, and I took notes and snapped pictures of some of his slides on my computer screen for future reference. The main message for me from the class was that our health is our responsibility and we have a lot more control over it than is generally realized. This is so empowering!

I think that in many ways, our "health care" system is more like our "sick care" system. I wish medical schools and doctors taught and practiced a lot more preventative care rather than fixing things after they happen. It's our responsibility to do that, too.

Beware of toxins! They're everywhere and I think they can have a significant harmful effect on our bodies and brains.

This is the holistic side of preventative health care and living a good life that I love...

I'm a big believer in the effectiveness and success of regular routines.

Drink mostly water, and lots of it. Oh, and eat fruits and veggies too. 😁

Books he likes that I want to read...

We had homework assignments each week. Some of them were pretty enlightening.

There was more than usual in my May reading material about the power of deep breathing. I've been trying to remember to do it more and it feels good physically and mentally when I do.

Some (good) thoughts about vaccines...

"If the vaccine delivers what it promises, why would anyone care what someone else does with their body?"

Read the middle section, starting at "However." I think it's an excellent point.

One of the reasons I'm against seasonal illness vaccines is because I think they undermine the body's ability to mount its own defenses and do its own work and healing. 

I have a feeling this is going to become one of my personal mantras in the months and years ahead.

I'm still pretty upset about Massachusetts mandating the flu vaccine for all students and daycare kids. It turns out that that mandate isn't just for this year, it's for every year going forward from now on. This isn't happening for us. I'm going to get the religious exemption for my boys. It actually is against our religion to put harmful things in the body, and I believe that many (maybe all) vaccines put harmful things in our bodies. I just can't get over the ingredients list and the effects those ingredients can have on some people. 
If people don't have a problem with flu shots and vaccines, then by all means they can get them. I'm not arguing against that or against them. I'm arguing that it's wrong to make people get them who believe that they have the potential to do more harm than good to their bodies. We do get the childhood vaccines--we did a staggered schedule for the boys after John may have been negatively affected by them, and I'm not as against those ones, although I'm still not a big fan--but I put my foot down about the seasonal ones.

My body, my health, my choice! 
(And I feel the need to add that that doesn't apply to women's choice about abortion--because it's not just her body, it's the baby's body too.)