Tuesday, September 1, 2020

May 2020 Coronavirus Scrapbook

I made toilet paper/water bottle/pretzel sticks care packages for our delivery people.

The irony 😄

I'm glad that we get two HelloFresh meals a week. It's a good source of food in the midst of supply chain problems.

"In February, unemployment rates were at a half-century low. Now, we're expected to see the most devastating jobs report in years, potentially ever recorded. It's a reflection of the steep economic toll COVID-19 has taken on Americans - and the recovery could take years."

This virus is so weird.

This editorial from The WSJ hit the nail directly on the head.
"The public is wise enough to know that public health can't be sustained without a healthy economy."
"We have to learn to live with [the virus] and have a functioning economy."
"The tradeoff isn't between lives and livelihoods. The policy has to be to protect both as much as possible."
"Reopen the economy so we don't consign millions to years of poverty."

I really have had similar thoughts 😂

Strange and unusual scenes from a morning of shopping:

The toilet paper aisle at Target

This was the final nail in the coffin for my dream trip to England this summer. 😔

This one hurts. I love Pier 1 and am bummed that their stores are all closing permanently.

No Boston Marathon this year for the first ever time since it started. It was cancelled for April but they were hoping to do it in September. 😔 Also, that's my brother-in-law's YouTube video!

My case report against the Communist Party of China continues. I'm determined to help hold them accountable and bring them down in my own little ways!

From The Epoch Times (my second favorite newspaper, after the esteemed WSJ of course!). 
This is how I feel about the virus, the Chinese Community Party, and the Chinese people. Lest people get the wrong idea, I hasten to add that I have Chinese friends and so does Peter and they are great people. It's not their fault that their country of origin has a horrible government. This isn't about the Chinese people, it's about the Chinese government.

He's right. 👏

To end on a more optimistic note, I like what the valedictorian of Princeton had to say: