Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Over the River and Through the Woods

 We hadn't done a family nature walk in awhile, so on Memorial Day we went on a new-to-us trail that my sister and niece recommended. It was a beautiful trail through the woods and by a river. Other than some snakes we saw 😱, it was lovely!

This reminded me of the haunted woods in Anne of Green Gables.

Peter and John bringing up the rear.

Ferns are so pretty and I like the way they look in pictures (and in real life too).

I love woods! They speak to me as much as the ocean does, and more than mountains and prairies do, though they are of course beautiful too. But I'm definitely a forest and ocean kind of gal.

More ferns 😍

I wore a fanny pack and it worked great! I'm so glad they're back in again; they're totally practical.

It was a really nice walk and I'm looking forward to doing it again this fall when the leaves are changing!