Tuesday, June 2, 2020

North Carolina...Again!

For February vacation we went to North Carolina. It was our third time going there in six months. 🤷 The reason we went this time was because John was competing in the National Ninja League World Finals, which were held in Greensboro, North Carolina that week. So our vacation choices were limited because of that. Since Peter has a temporary apartment in Charlotte for work, we went there for the first half of the week and then drove to Greensboro (which is less than two hours away) for the second half of the week.

We flew out of Boston and connected through LaGuardia in New York City. Peter is (was) at LaGuardia almost every week but I hadn't been there in awhile.

Sam has always been a fun traveling companion.

We got a kick out of taking this picture (that's Peter's butt) 😂

We all got to pick a restaurant to eat at that week and Sam chose one of his favorites, Red Lobster, which they don't really have here in New England for obvious reasons so we have to take advantage of it when there is one. We ate there the evening that we arrived in Charlotte. He loves their cheddar biscuits. We all do!

The next day we brought the boys to an indoor rock-climbing gym.
Since I did the packing I got away with dressing them alike that day. Hee hee! 

Sam did well on the easy paths and John did the more challenging ones.


This picture is a manifestation of John's incredible abdominal strength! Just watching him do that made my own abs ache. 😄

Free climbing

Another day we did an escape room and we lost. It was my first time losing an escape room. Peter wouldn't be in the picture with us. 😆 In our defense, there were a lot of clues to get through in an hour and some of them were pretty confusing. It was still fun though!

We went to an indoor trampoline park, where the first half hour was fun but then Sam got mad at John about something and sulked at the table the rest of the time. 🙄

The day we drove to Greensboro it snowed and it actually stuck, which is very unusual for that area. It was kind of funny because one of the reasons that Greensboro was chosen for NNL Worlds was to avoid winter weather. So much for that! Ha ha. 

As hardy New Englanders we took advantage of North Carolinians' reluctance to drive in the snow (honestly, I don't blame them) and ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, which we practically had to ourselves. That NEVER happens! Well, except for this time.

This specialty drink that I got was so good.

When we weren't out and about we enjoyed having downtime in the hotel room(s). We got two adjoining suites. John brought his XBox so that he could play Fortnite with his friends, which has become one of his favorite things to do.

This one likes to be connected too.
 Unlike my sons, I am not a screen addict (most of the time). I enjoyed reading by the fire.

I liked the way the light was shining in on the bed where I lay my head at night. 😇

This was an amusing typo at the hotel. It's "Exercise," guys. How'd they let that get by them!? 😄

Tomorrow I'm going to write about a nice luxury hotel and spa in Charlotte that I stayed at BY MYSELF for a day and a night. 💆 It was heavenly!