Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Jane Austen Tea Party

My last social outing before the coronavirus lockdown happened was an especially fun one. It was a Jane Austen Tea Party at the MIT Endicott House on the Saturday afternoon of March 7th. I went with my friends Meredith and Christine. It was a lovely afternoon that I'm so glad we were able to squeak by with because just a week or so later this never would have flown!

I had been here before for the Clue Live mystery dinner a year earlier and the Downton Abbey dinner last fall. It was good to be back, this time to meet Jane Austen and go to a tea party, which I hadn't done since I was a little girl. Tea parties are for grown-up ladies, too!

We arrived early and got to take this great photo with the esteemed authoress herself!

We were seated front and center at the Northanger Abbey table (shhh, don't tell Jane: I haven't read that yet! But I will!).

There was a nice assortment of various teas, including herbal, and a great buffet full of yummy finger foods. As I said before, this event very likely would have been cancelled if it had been held only a week later!

My plate. Or rather, the food on my plate. 😋

Jane read us all a passage from Pride and Prejudice.

And later on she played her harp for us. What a treat! She was good!

This couple had fantastic costumes. They might as well have stepped out of the pages of an Austen novel. 
What an obliging husband! 😄

It was a truly lovely afternoon, and one that I've come to appreciate even more given all that's come since. The night before I went to the dine-in movie theater with Meredith and two of our other friends to see Emma, which was fun, especially since I'd just read the book a few weeks earlier. It really was a Jane Austen-themed weekend all around!